Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving From Coach To Maker

Every few years I make myself try something new that reaches far outside of my comfort zone.  This is the best PD ever, since it puts me in the position of the reluctant learner - the learner who is afraid, the learner who lacks the foundational skills, the learner who is convinced that they can't succeed, the learner who feels they suck at this so why do what they suck at, the learner who will need to develop different approaches to succeed,  the learner who is hard to reach for many teachers.

Some past examples have been learning to play tennis,  to swing dance, to drive a motorcycle, to program in Java.  We'll this time,  I am about to dive into the MAKER world of physical computing. I have always had a maker spirit but reserved it for making in the digital world. Mostly I have used that spirit to coach others to learn by making.  We'll this time I am moving out from behind the desk into the world of physical computing.   I have set up this blog to document the journey and my learning.

One additional twist is that I am going to add to this journey is to consider the role of mobile technology in the process of making.  What can you do or not do in the process of making with a mobile tool. Let's start with the making of this blog.  Using a mobile browser, it is 100% possible to create it on a mobile tool.  I created it using Safari on my iPad and will use a few apps to update it, including the Blogger App

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